10 Creative Products


This gives the user a beautiful way to store their bike in their homes. It also takes up less space than having the bike on the ground.




This product takes an activity that everyone does and transforms it into a useful product.



This laundry hamper can lay flat and then easily stored away.



This chair can be folded into a single board. It goes from a flat piece into a very organic chair.



This is great when you are going for a bike ride and will be doing other activities because then you can make it flat and store it in a backpack.



This whisk attaches together using a magnet. This makes for really easy cleaning and flat storage.



This is perfect for the places that you want to have a locked door but there is not lock. Its very small is something that everyone could carry around with them.



This lets the user decide how much space they need for seating and how much they want for a table surface.



This whisk eliminates the part that normally gets full of batter. This makes it a lot easier to clean.



This dis rake takes up less room and creates more vertical space for drying dishes.



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